Wir unterstützen Sie in Ihrem Karrierewandel

«Unser Ziel ist, Sie in Ihrer Karriere voranzubringen.»

Gemeinsam mit Ihnen planen und gestalten wir Ihre berufliche Karriere. Wir garantieren Ihnen eine erstklassige persönliche und individuelle Beratung in einer angenehmen Umgebung, in der Sie sich wohl fühlen und Ihre Anliegen erste Priorität geniessen.

ccb's difference

It has become the accepted practice for businesses and organizations going through change to offer departing employees outplacement programs to provide support locating new professional opportunities.

In addition, more and more individuals choose to follow private career consulting programs designed to help them better understand their motivations, strengths and professional preferences with the objective of finding the optimum professional opportunity best fitting their goals and preferences.

ccb offers its candidates a highly personalized approach. You are assured a friendly welcome. We take the time to really listen and build a firm partnership. All of this, coupled with the broad experience of our team of consultants, our tailored programs, has helped ccb to become recognized as one of the leading suppliers of outplacement, career consulting and coaching services in Switzerland.

ccb has developed a reputation, not only for providing a quality, personalized service, but also for results - enabling our candidates in career transition to be successful in their searches for new opportunities and our management coaching clients to develop continued successful careers.

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